Policy Response to COVID-19 

The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest challenges our country has faced in our lifetimes.  It’s imperative that we get the policy response right. We must resist the false security of centralized control and remove barriers to unleashing the incredible power of American ingenuity to make it through this crisis. 

Policy solutions:

  • Remove FDA/CDC barriers that prevent private certification of COVID-19 testing and antibody testing, including home test kits. We also can’t wait for FDA approval for PPE production and sanitation. We can save lives if bureaucracy doesn’t stifle the entrepreneurial response.
  • Let companies adapt to healthcare needs with a knowledge of their own capabilities by opposing the defense production act.
  • Remove trade barriers that prevent the importation of lifesaving medical supplies. 
  • Expand right to try laws and let more people participate in vital medical studies we need to defeat this pandemic. 

Another great resource that covers some policy solutions related to the federal response can be found here. 


Reduce the National Debt

The time to resolve the national debt crisis was when the economy was booming. We had years when Congress could have gotten is budgetary act together. 

Instead we’re already paying over $380 Billion in debt interest every year and now we’re facing new challenges from the Corona Virus that threaten to increase spending by trillions!

We have to start somewhere. When I’m in Congress, I’ll fight bring back responsible spending across all areas of the government. We have to start digging our way out of this mess. 


Rein in Executive Power

Growth of Executive Power is a bipartisan problem. Congress has let the executive branch grow increasingly unaccountable for the past several administrations, opening the door for abuse, corruption, and the violation of civil liberties. 

It’s time for Congress to assert it’s proper, constitutional authority in spending, law making, and making sure the rights of all Americans are protected. 


End Foreign Wars

The war in Afghanistan cost us countless lives and trillions of dollars. The Afghanistan papers showed that across several administrations, our government failed to define clear objectives that could help us bring the war to a close. It’s time to leave now. 

I’ll fight to make sure the United States:

  • Continues the withdrawal process in Afghanistan
  • Removes the US military from other undeclared wars
  • Doesn’t get involved in new wars in places like Iran


Rethink Education

We need to fundamentally rethink how we approach educating our children. If the goal of school is to foster the development of well-adjusted adults who are prepared for the workforce, our way of doing things is deeply flawed. This system fails to serve the most vulnerable children while costing a ton of money.
My proposal is to move away from one-size fits all models of education funded by the federal government. We can move to more dynamic and nimble models of digital education blended with hands on learning. Students and families should have the ability to design their own rigorous path of study that matches their interests, abilities, and learning styles; preparing students for a lifetime of learning and problem solving as adults.

  • Abolish the Dept of Education
  • Eliminate Common Core Standard Mandates (Keep it if you want! But it’s not required). 
  • Shift to model of funding states directly for education needs during transition period
  • Embrace digital learning models that allow our best educators to teach students

Gun Issues

You have an intrinsic right to defend yourself, including the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment restricts the government from taking away that right. 

As a member of the House of Representatives sworn to uphold the Constitution, I would not vote for any law that limits your right to self-defense.


    Climate Change

    There is growing evidence that climate change presents a serious threat to the quality of life of the American people. It’s a challenge that harms vulnerable people and will be expensive to mitigate. 

    However, government is not the solution to the challenges of climate change.  Often government is one of the worst polluters and its policies create incentives for carbon heavy energy production.  

    With regulatory reforms and a freer market, we can lower energy costs, reduce pollution, and have enough wealth to combat the negative effects of climate change.  

    The Federal government spends billions of dollars subsidizing carbon heavy energy production while entrenching incumbent interests. The government shouldn’t be picking winners and losers in the energy industry.

    Nuclear Energy
    If liberals want to be serious about reducing carbon pollution, nuclear energy is the best way to do it. It’s a carbon free, high efficiency solution, that’s one of the safest forms of energy. But the industry is stuck in the past because of public fear. 

    The regulatory burdens on nuclear are major contributors to their high expenses and why they take so long to build
    The AAF comes to the same conclusion. In addition, a 2017 DOE study also showed that nuclear was at a regulatory disadvantage.

    We need to embrace emerging nuclear technologies and reduce regulatory barriers that prevent their development.


    In New York, Tax Freedom Day isn’t until May 3rd. That’s the day that’s symbolic of how long we have to work until we’ve paid off our tax burden to the state and Federal government. We spend nearly half a year working for the state. 

    What would you do with that money instead? Feed your family? Invest in your retirement?  Donate to charity?

    If elected, I promise to work tirelessly to lower taxes. 


    Police Issues

    Recent events have brought issues of police violence to back into public conversation. Whenever armed agents of the government violate the rights of any individual, we need to work hard to make sure it never happens again. We can’t just *say* we’re against police abuse, we need to change the polices that enables it. 

    Most policing issues need to be handled at the state and local level, but there are a few important things Congress can do:

    • End Qualified Immunity
    • End the 1033 Program (gives police surplus military equipment)
    • End federal incentives for civil asset forfeiture
    • End the War on Drugs


    It should be as easy as possible for peaceful people to come to the United States to live, study, and work. Our byzantine immigration system keeps talented individuals out of our communities, separates families, and encourages illegal immigration.

    If elected, I’ll work to:

    • Simplyfy the immigration process
    • Lift arbitrary immigration limits
    • Resume historic refugee resettlement processes
    • Create a simple process for illegal immigrants to secure legal status