Bold Solutions Outside the Two Party System

Vision, Issues, & Values

how to invest in Intel shares in the UAE You don’t have to accept politics as usual. YOU have the power to build something better.

Be part of bold solutions that put you in charge of your own destiny, stop the worst abuses of government, and restore hope for a prosperous future.

  • Reduce the national debt with responsible spending

  • Reign in executive power with constitutional governance

  • End the war in Afghanistan, bring our military personnel home 

  • Reform our education system for the modern economy 

  • Protect our civil liberties


We need a fresh voice in Rochester area politics

About Kevin

invest in Intel shares in the UAE Like many of you, Kevin Wilson was disillusioned with the two party system. He started looking for new ways to get beyond the toxic partisan politics we see today. Kevin struck an independent path by joining another party, the Libertarians, and started challenging the dysfunctional and unjust political duopoly. 

Kevin spends his time fighting for civil liberties, responsible government, and bold solutions to our regions most challenging issues.

When Kevin isn’t working by day as a digital marketer, he’s volunteering in various neighborhood organizations that work to make our community stronger. Kevin and his wife Sami spend much of their free time running or hiking the many beautiful trails in Monroe County with their dog Winston.   

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News & Updates 

Kevin Wilson on 3rd Parties

Kevin Wilson was on WXXI's Connections to discuss the legacy of Ross Perot. Much of the discussion centered around strategies for 3rd Parties and 3rd Party viability. Listen

Kevin Wilson on Big Tech

On May 15th, 2019 Kevin was on WXXI's Connections to talk about progressive proposals to break up big tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google. Listen

Kevin Wilson on Taxes

On January 21st, 2019 Kevin was on WXXI's Connections to discuss increasing taxes on the highest income earners. Kevin argues that increasing taxes on the wealthy doesn't necessarily lead to more tax revenue nor is it just. Listen

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